Monday, August 26, 2019

August 23rd

We loaded our stuff into th Bolt and headed towards San Luis Obispo - this is the longest trip we've taken in the car, and the first time I've charged it away from home.  We left he house with 100% charge (we usually charge to 90% so regenerative braking works immediately), and stopped in Gilroy with about 90 miles left for lunch and to charge the car for 45 minutes on a level 3 fast charger.  That got us about 100 miles, and we set out for San Luis Obispo.

We pulled in to San Luis Obispo with about 35 miles' range left, and went and found a level 3 charger while we had a drink at Starbucks.  Having added another 100 miles or so, we rocked up to the hotel.  They had 110v sockets in part of the car park, so we plugged the car in using the level 1 home charger, set it to 12A (rather than the default 8A) and left it charging overnight.

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