Thursday, August 29, 2019

August 28th

I took the car and went to the office in San Francisco.  Because I got to use the car pool lane, especially over the toll road to the Bay Bridge, I got there before the garage opened.  I hung around and waited for it to open, then decided against charging the car immediately as those were marked as "reserved" spaced, and they tow you for parking in a reserved space.  I did check back later (several times) but there were a couple of plug-in hybrids charging.  Um... whatever.  At a 6Kw charger, they'd be fully charged from totally empty in a few hours, but sure, let's leave them plugged in all day.

I left the office thinking that I should be OK on the way home, but I could stop at any of the high speed chargers (usually 40+Kw) for a short while if I needed it.  I didn't - the traffic was remarkably light, and it wasn't that hot, so I only ran the AC for a few minutes.  I got home with ~60 miles of range left :o)

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