Sunday, January 12, 2020

January 11th

I went to the airport and started getting the antenna cable removed.  I've cut a lot of zip ties, and removed some stuff, and pulled it out of the keel with string attached, so hopefully I can pull the new cable back in "easily".

I went and helped cook lunch for the EAA meeting - we had over 30 people show up and eat, which is great for a cold day.

After the meeting, I went and got in David's way while he worked on his RV-9A.  He's replaced a cylinder, and I suggested he run it up before flying it - first of all it was throwing fuel out because there were a couple of loose fittings, then the EGT on the new cylinder wasn't going up like the other cylinders.  I was dropping a headset off with Chris when David called to say he hadn't mounted the probe correctly.  Doy.

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