Monday, February 24, 2020

February 23rd

I got up early and went to the airport, where I flew to Cameron Park.  I've been playing with the antenna length on the UAT receiver, so I flew down Woodcreek Oaks, then over the house to see how far away it'd see me - about 5 miles was the result.

At Cameron Park, we put my gyro in Chris' hangar, then took the RV down to Columbia Airport.

The RV is a lot faster for doing distances - this was about 25 minutes.  We looked at the Aviat Husky that had crashed the day before (the pilot was OK), then went to lunch in town with Kim.

We flew back, and did a couple of go-arounds before finally landing at Cameron Park.

Having put Chris' plane away, I flew back to Lincoln.

While the gyro is (a lot) slower, it's a lot less bumpy :o)

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