Sunday, March 29, 2020

March 29th

I started the day trying out the 4K TV as a monitor thing, and pretty much hated it.  The corners are too far away, so I ended up putting everything in the middle of the screen, and I couldn't get the brightness to where I was comfortable with it.  Also, 30Hz refresh on the screen is miserable, and that seems to be the fastest rate that the laptop can support.  So, having cleared everything out, we put the TV back on the wall in the bedroom, and I put my 2 monitors back on my desk.  Oh well.

I went and met Chris and Randy at the airport for lunch - there were a lot of clouds around, so I didn't feel I had to fly, so we just went to Mary's.  I did some fiddling with the power line to the transponder in Chris' gyroplane, and when he got home, he texted to say it worked just fine, so the problem is the fuse holder - that can be replaced pretty easily.

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