Wednesday, August 12, 2020

August 11th

It was pretty windy, which means that the temperature wasn't too high, so I went out and worked on the DRZ first - I've replaced the vacuum operated petrol tap with a stupid on/off one, and that means that the fuel line can be shorter.  The old fuel line didn't want to go over the output line from the petrol tap, and the new fuel line (from what I haven't used on the plane) is too thick for the clamps to work, so I ended up using screw on clamps.  I then had to take all that off so I could take the tank off to put a piece of folded over vacuum hose on the carb to cap that off.  It all looks like it should work, but I want to get some fresh fuel to test it with, as it's pretty old now.

I then went and worked on the power window line on the van again - it had forced the guide off again, so I reinstalled that.  Again.

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