Wednesday, August 5, 2020

August 4th

I got a reply from the OpenEVSE people, and they said the connector was fine, I just need to use the screw in blocks for them.  Their instructions aren't up to date.

Randy texted me to say that the family were playing in Chris' swimmy pool, and it would be cool if I could fly over them.  So, after work, I went over to the airport and dragged the plane out.  I flew over to Chris', and spent a short while finding the house, then did a couple of laps - there was nobody in the pool, so I headed back.

I texted Randy when I'd landed, and they left Chris' shortly before I got there :o(

On the way home I stopped and picked up some switch plate blanks for the car charger project, then got a text message from Gwen - their laptop's died, so could I take a look at it.  I stopped in there on the way home and picked it, and a desktop that's not working, up.  I'll try and look at them tomorrow :o)

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