Sunday, April 11, 2021

April 10th

I picked Randy up and we flew to Oroville for their display day.  Bill was opening the hangar when we left, and he beat us there in his RV-6 by about 30 minutes :o)

The wind had picked up by the time we headed home, so we ended up landing on 33, when we'd taken off on 15.  As I approached Lincoln, Steve asked if I'd mind him going past me in the T-6, and I said go for it.  He flew over me, about 100' above me, making me jump and wish I'd had the GoPro running.  Talking to him later, he hadn't seen me at all - I said it was cool, but maybe let's not do that again :o)

Once down, we tinkered with Randy's pre-rotator and control rods - we couldn't figure out the slight drag he's noticed a couple of times, but we did adjust things a little, so maybe that'll go away.

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