Monday, October 11, 2021

October 10th

I went to the airport and took a meandering flight to Auburn to meet Chris and PJ for breakfast.

I was playing with the horizon levelling feature on the GoPro 10, so that's why I flew a couple of orbits before heading for the hills.

Shane flew past Auburn as we were getting ready to leave, but I missed it because I was inside Wings at the time.  Chris and PJ saw him though, and I heard him leaving when I came out.  He's not signed off to land there yet :o)

I fleetingly saw Jarron on the way back, but he apparently didn't see me.  At first I thought it was Shane, but I didn't see his on the fish finder (he has a transponder, even though he doesn't have ADS-B yet,) so I figured Jarron was out.  When I got back to Lincoln and Shane was there, but Jarron wasn't, it was Jarron I'd seen.

Shane and I went through his maintenance logs, then talked for several hours about his upcoming flight review.  Jarron landed and put his gyro away during this, and just as we were leaving, Randy showed up for an after work flight.

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