Monday, October 4, 2021

October 3rd

I went to the airport and flew up to Auburn with Randy.  There were a bunch of us there - Bill also flew, but Jody, William, Shane and Lisa arrived in cars and Chris and Tim rode up on motorcycles.

After lunch we flew back.  The smoke sucks again, so it didn't seem worth screwing around somewhere else.  My push to talk switch is playing up again, so I need to bring out a soldering iron and put a new one in.

I got a reply from GoPro about the camera... they suggest turning off the stabilisation.  I think that's going to make the footage unusable, but hey, I'll try it, even though the whole reason I bought the thing was for better stabilisation.  Chris has offered to lend me his 8 (or is it a 9?) to try, and I'll probably take him up on that, especially if I can test it soon to make a point to GoPro that there's a problem here.

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