Sunday, September 4, 2022

September 3rd

I met Randy at the airport early, and we flew to Placerville for their pancake breakfast.

It was a little chilly, and we were going to be climbing to ~3500', so I put my jacket on, but as we got to ~900' it warmed up a fair amount.

We left there early, as we both had to meet people at Lincoln around 10:00.

I made Randy chuckle when I called a 2 mile approach, just passing the log pile and an incoming Cessna called to say he was over the log pile.  I pointed out to him that I could see him, and he was actually about 2 miles South of the log pile, and he then agreed with me.

I met Jarron's brother, and showed him Jarron's Air Command - Randy met a powered parachute friend and took him for a flight.

I put together a little video from the flight out to Placerville...

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