Sunday, October 16, 2022

October 15th

I was on call, I got up early to clear everything out at work, then met Shane and Randy at the airport so we could fly to Watts-Woodland for their display day.

There were fewer planes than last time, but more cars.

When we got back to Lincoln, we all trooped out to get some lunch before heading home.

The home theatre PC has been crashing after a few hours' viewing, and I figure this is probably heat.  I decided to disable the graphics card (NVidia 730) and use the one on the motherboard, to see if that would help.  When I disabled the graphics card, Windows fell back to using its default adapter drivers, which are stuck at 1024x768, which wouldn't let Kodi start.  Of course, I hadn't expected this, so I had to get into the Task Manager and disable the auto start before it had started, as it would never get past the error :o(  I eventually managed that, and couldn't see a way of bypassing the NVidia drivers while leaving the card in place, and the motherboard HDMI port wouldn't work with the NVidia card installed.  So I got to take the PC apart and remove the card.

It still came up in 1024x768, so I had to figure out what motherboard it is (MSI B150 Mortar, for reference) so I could figure out what drivers to install, and as I found out it's an Intel 530, Windows installed the drivers for it, even though I'd told it like 4x to upgrade the drivers.

Then I just had to install the Intel controller software (from the Microsoft Store, that's a first) to get full RBG rather than the dumb cut down RGB for LDS screens, and I had real black on the OLED TV.  I even got to watch "Family Guy."  Now we'll see if it's truly fixed...

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