Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 13th

Vic took the Jeep and headed down to her mother's for a few days off from me and Tilly.  We'll be looking after the guinea pigs though.

Rather than go to the gym at "lunch", I went to the DMV and sorted out my replacement license - the last 2 renewals were done online, so I had to go and get my photo taken and my eyes tested.  30 days, they say, but then give me a temporary license that expires in November, which isn't a good sign.  Still, it's something off my "to do" list.

After work I futzed around with the washing machine in the garage, and sure enough, it's broken.  The motor seems to work, so it's the controller, and that'll be half the price of a new one.  So I'll get a new one, rather than fix a 10 year old one.

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