Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11th

The Surewest dude showed up first thing with a new VOIP adapter box.  And, of course, he couldn't just plug the thing in and bloody leave, he had to look at the line and suchlike, which meant downtime.  I used my doohickey so I could stay working, and it's now getting 4G :o)  ~5.6Mb/s down, ~700Kb/s up, 65ms latency.  I reckon I could play Warcraft over that :o)

As it doesn't look like I can just go and buy a new band for the vacuum cleaner, I've ordered a couple.  10 days shipping?  Are they walking here to deliver it themselves?

After work, I threw some paint over the welds on the Vanagon exhaust.  Gwen and Walter came over to pick up a spare wireless router, and play with Tilly.  After they left, I went out and reinstalled the exhaust.  It doesn't seem like it's leaking any more :o)

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