Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9th

The VOIP box for the telephone has stopped working, so I spent half an hour or so talking to Surewest about getting a replacement.  Sadly they don't keep this model at the local repair depot, so I have to wait for an enginerd to come and replace it on Monday.  Bah.

While we were up at Don and Lori's I'd broken the latch on the cooker in the van trying to open it.  It was all covered in a sticky substance, like (probably) Coke.  I spent a while cleaning everything up so I could actually get the cabinet door to move, then managed to jimmy it open with a screwdriver.  I cleaned up the inside and took the latch out.  I've found a replacement on Ebay, I just need to wait for it to get here.

I dropped Vic's hang gliding harness at the airfield, and Tilly wanted to come with me, so she got to ride in the van there and back.  I think she thinks we go for wild parties whenever we leave the house, so I think it was good for her to see that's not the case :o)

In the evening we barbecued, and Vince and Jen came over to eat.

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