Saturday, July 30, 2011

July 30th

I started the day adding more articles to Caroline's archive - I'm over half the way through now.  Phew.

When I went to shave, the trimmer battery went dead just as I was left with a goatee - I managed to leave it a minute, then get enough power to finish trimming a couple of times, but I'll leave it and see what I think.  All the cool kids have them, and I'm thinking of myself as my evil doppelganger :o)

I then spent a fair amount of time getting a bunch of crap valued belongings on Craigslist and eBay, so that hopefully I'll have fewer of these things hanging around and cluttering the place up.  I'm hoping the heavier stuff sells on Craigslist so I don't have to deal with shipping it :o)

In the later afternoon I headed over to Lincoln, where I ran across Larry.  We chatted for a while, hoping the wind was going to die down, and eventually we decided to commit aviation.  I took off, and he got as far as the run up area before bailing out - he crashed his hang glider during the week and his elbow's been giving him gyp.  On my second circuit, the jump plane called a 2 mile final at 4,000'... I offered to extend my downwind, but he's approaching at something like 200mph, so that wasn't necessary.  As I turned base, he went around.  I asked if there was anything I should be worried about (like a dead deer on the runway), but he couldn't get a green light on his nose gear.  I pointed out my nose gear was down and welded, which made him feel better.  Everything looked OK on his downwind, and I was still climbing out when he turned finals - I offered to go for an early crosswind, but he said we should be fine - he'd let me know if they were going around.  They didn't.  In total I did 3 circuits, as it seemed that the wind was picking up.

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