Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 16th

The new washing machine was being delivered.  I checked last night, and they said between 10am and 1pm, which meant I couldn't go with Vince etc for the breakfast fly in at Colusa.  The delivery bods called shortly before 8am to say it'd be with me between 12pm and 3pm, but by then it was too late to head to the airfield.  Oh well.  Vince was whining about having to wear his winter suit anyway :o)

I sat down and converted more of Caroline's news archives to the Google.  Of course, it's still a work in progress as there are many BBC articles still to do, but the Australian stuff is all finished.

They delivered and installed the new washing machine, and Tilly first barked at the pile of stuff from the laundry room that'd been lying in the hallway since last night, then barked at the new machine.  I think she was asleep in the garden when it was delivered :o)  The old machine's now gone - I had thought about taking the motor out to play with, but it looks a lot more complex than the garage door motor I've already got sitting in the garage.

In the evening, Vince and I went to the Chinese buffet place - we rode, and, as usual got split up when he zipped across a changing light when I stopped.

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