Friday, July 8, 2011

July 7th

I sloped out of work earlier than usual (so, just the 9.5 hours today) and we headed up the hill to meet Don and Lori for pizza

We got there a little early, as I'd assumed that all the traffic was going to be as bad as driving to the Galleria, when once we were past the Galleria, it was smooth sailing all the way there.  So we wandered around the block and ended up looking in an art gallery for a while.
The pizza was better than the Round Table stuff we usually eat, so much so that I actually ate the bready stuff that didn't have meat on it :o)

We went back to their house in Cool so we could see the incredible amount of work they've done on it, and so I could see if my Verizon doohickey works up in the sticks - it does, at almost 400Kb/s both ways :o)  Their poodle, Millie, is getting on a bit - she looks a lot older than I remember as she's going gray around the face, but Tilly's going gray around the face all the time.
When we got home, Tilly was incredibly happy to see us, as it meant she could go to bed :o)

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