Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 30th

I played a little Warcraft in the morning, then did a little tinkering in the roof before getting everything set up for (hopefully) Comcast interweb access on Monday.  It's going to be a lot cheaper than Surewest, and apparently twice the speed :o)

I went and got some parts so I can change the oil in the DRZ, and picked up a 220 ohm resistor while I was out - that's to allow the 6V oil warning light in the YSR's speedo to work off 12V :o)

We watched the MotoGP race from Assen -  it was a shame that tyres seem to have decided the winner.  Again.

I went over to the airfield to do some tinkering on the plane, but forgot to take anything that would let me actually fly - sunglasses, hat, shoes etc - I was on the DRZ.  Doh.

In the evening, we watched "A Little Bit of Heaven" - it wasn't awful, for a chick flick.

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