Monday, June 11, 2012

June 10th

Vic took Tilly to the park again, and wore her feet out again, while I cleared up the dead wood around the house and cut the grass.  Oh yes, the fun here never stops.

In the afternoon we went to the airfield to fiddle with the tach lines to the EIS.  The first thing I always do is verify the problem, so I can see changes.  Well, it didn't work with the resistor, so I took that out.  It still didn't work, so we swapped it to the other regulator line and it worked.  Hang on, what?  We plugged everything in hard, and it still worked.  We taped everything up and zip tied it in place, and it still worked.  We taxied a little (it was still too windy to fly) and it still worked.  Yay, fixed!

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