Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 3rd

I started the day washing the solar panels for the first time in ages.  They were dirty enough that just rinsing them would have helped.

Vic took Tilly to the dog park, so I took the opportunity to spray around the place to kill insects, and was just finishing up cutting the grass when they got back.  Tilly was very tired, and has blisters on all her paws, so we tucked her up on her bed to sleep for a while.

We went to the airfield to try a 10K Ohm resistor on the tach line.  It didn't help.  Still, we left the pattern and flew away for a bit, as it was pretty windy and bumpy near the airfield at circuit height.  When we came back, the jump plane was just taxying out as we were on the downwind leg, and I offered to extend downwind so he could get out before us - he expressed concern that we'd ever get back to the runway, based on the 13mph winds :o)  We were draining the tank so I could set the fuel level probe up when he came over on the electric dolly they use to move the King Air on the ground to chat - seems he used to fly ultralights :o)  We got the probe all set up, and it's reading fine now I have the correction factors configured.

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