Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 16th

We got up early and went up in the roof - the whole house fan has been squeaking from time to time, making me think the belt might be a little loose.  We tightened it as much as we could, but just turning it, it squeaked. I peered at it, to find that the pullets aren't aligned, so we fixed that and all is well.

We then went to breakfast with Vince... we rode, so I took the YSR - I was siphoning gas out of the DRZ when he arrived, as I didn't think I had enough to get to the nearest gas station :o)  I think everybody had fun watching me in a race tuck so I could reach the dizzying heights of... 55mph :o)

In the afternoon, Vic went to a cat charity whatever, and I stayed and rebuilt the broken tile from the roof.  In the evening we went to Sacramento to meet her brother and his family, and her dad for dinner.  I've met David and Kamiko (sp?) before, but it was ~5.5 years ago.  I think time's been better to them than me, I feel a lot older.  A fun time was had by all.

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