Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 2nd

The wind was all kinds of weird, so we just did stuff around the house.

I've bought a new telephone set, as we wanted more handsets and it's cheaper to buy 3 with a base station than it is to buy 2.  The stupid thing is that even though they're all Panasonic DECT handsets, they're not compatible (WTF?).   I spent a little time arguing with a support spreadsheet monkey before giving up.  Still, the new system allows us to hook the cellphone into it, which I've done.  I then had to struggle to pair the old handsets back to the old base station - doy.  I think I'll clear everything out of it and dump sell it on eBay.

Vic watched Hairy Pooter in The Woman in Black, but I lost interest and ended up patching paint in the hallway.

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