Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8th

Dave tidied his van up and headed off to collect his wife from SFO while I worked.

In the evening we watched "The Descendants", which was OK.  I then went and started playing with my desktop, having bought a Molex -> SATA power lead that, it seems, I didn't bloody need after all.  Anyways, I installed the SSD and got that all working, then went to install the larger of the 2 spinning hard drives, only to find that I hadn't been mirroring them as I thought.  Oh well, I put the smaller one, the one with all the data on it, in, and got stuff to point to it.  I'm leaving the operating system on there as a backup, so I can boot off it if anything were to go wrong.  I copied the Warcraft files to the SSD, and HD -> SSD via SATA-II took significantly longer than it did with the SSD -> SSD on the laptop :o)  Over the next few months, I'm assuming that I'll find stuff I haven't installed and install it, but at the moment it seems to be generally working.  And it boots a lot faster, and is instantly ready to go.

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