Monday, April 13, 2015

April 11th

We dropped Vic's Bolt off for a service, then went to breakfast and to look at helmets.  It's weird, she has an Arai Vector at the moment, but the Vector 2 is too big for her.  They didn't have an extra small, but the larger liner made the small uncomfortable.  After lots of helmets tried on, we think the solution is an RX-Q in an extra small.  Oh, but the colour she likes is out of stock, and the distributor doesn't even have any.  Joy.

We went back to pick up the Bolt, but it wasn't ready, so after we'd been home for a while, they called to say we could pick it up.  And pick it up we did.

I then went to the airfield, and set out for a flight with Danny, but he got spooked by the bouncy air and turned back.  I followed him to make sure he was OK, and I've suggested he tighten up his harness a bit, as I don't think that's helping.  I then went out for a flight until it was almost dark before coming home.

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