Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 20th

I've been getting nagged about taking some time off at work, so I've taken the week off.

I spent a while folding, labelling and stamping stuff for the EAA while sort of watching TV, then I went to drop those off at the post office (the little post slot thing outside won't hold that many letters).

It's been a while, so I went to see the quack about a few issues I've been having with my right arm.  For the sudden reduction in rotation, I was sent to get x-rays, and for the pain, I was sent to get an MRI.  That's a lot less fun than TV would lead you to believe.  And I was in the noisy machine for over an hour, so I'm expecting a great 3D model to look at :o)  It was kind of nice that the weather was being odd, as I didn't get home until ~17:30, so it would have been a struggle to get to the airfield and get out for a decent amount of time before it started to get dark.

Vic and I watched TV and continued folding and labelling the EAA flyers for the evening.

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