Monday, April 13, 2015

April 12th

I played with the video I shot with Danny, mainly concentrating on the bits you can (just about) see Danny in.  I should get closer to him next time we do this.

We hoisted Russ' wing up to the rafters in the garage, as I've run out of things to do with it for the moment.

We grabbed a takeout lunch and watched the (ho-hum, delayed) MotoGP race from Austin, and later went to the airfield to try and fix the fuel level sender on the plane.  This involves draining and refilling the tank, but didn't take too long.  Although it seemed like it was working correctly, it went from 100% to 33% when we went out for a quick circuit, so I think I need to do that all over again :o(

In the evening, we folded, addressed and stamped 200 letters for the EAA - I'm hoping to get those posted before the membership meeting on Wednesday (that's too many for the little mailbox by the house!).

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