Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 12th

I started the day working in the garden.  Vic had managed to get me some rolls of sod, so I spent a couple of hours before it got hot levelling everything and putting down sod.  When I was finished, I soaked everything and cut the pipe to length and put the grille in.  Job done - I just need to water the crap out of it to try and get the grass to set up home there before it all dies.

I fed Tilly (late) and showered, then sat down and hit Ahn'Qiraj again with Dave.  We wiped, but then the characters we were trying to kill disappeared.  We even left the instance and came back in, but no, they were gone.  Boned.  We called it a a day then.

I did a little paint touch up, then went out and fixed the speedo cable on the DRZ.  I had been planning to replace the warning lights with LEDs, but they're all in a moulded block, so if one bulb fails, you just replace the whole block (which, I'm assuming, will be a bit more expensive than a 50c bulb).

I sat and caught up on TV until Vic got back from an SPCA event.

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