Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 5th

I was just doing my daily quests in Warcraft when Dave popped up and suggested we run a 10 man raid in Ahn'Quiraj.  It's a level 60 area, so our 2 level 85 toons cleared it OK, so we moved on to the 40 man raid.  We wiped towards the end, but I think we might be able to finish it with a little application :o)

I did some painting - mostly patching.  Still, it's getting done, and short spurts will hopefully mean it gets done.  It's been really windy, like gusting >20mph, so no flying today :o(

As the moon was at it's perigee, I went out and took some pictures of it.  I need a bigger lens :o)  The interesting thing, when you have the camera on a tripod, is how fast the moon actually moves - I was having to adjust the camera every few minutes.  Due to the long (~1/3") shutter speeds, I was using the remote shutter release, which is actually quite useful - I now have some other ideas about things I'd like to try using it for.

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