Monday, May 14, 2012

May 13th

I started the day washing the solar panels, then went on to cut the grass, then dumped the water in the hot tub.  The new drain coped admirably, but we can see that there's a bit more of a low point now.  We went and picked up some parts and some more rolls of sod.  I did some levelling, then laid these and watered everything.  Hopefully all the new grass will live and we're finished, other than a few bare bits that will get seed at some point.

I did a little bit of paint patching, but it's still not perfect.

I'd bought a couple of diodes, and I sat down and did some soldering on the YSR - the indicator warning light is passing enough power trough to the "dark" side that all 4 lights light up, so I've wired up both wires from the flasher relay to the warning light with a diode, then joined them.  I've patched into a ground line, and now I can use an LED warning light, as the power's only ever coming one way.  I've now got 4 LED turn signals, working just fine.  It's probably one of the tidiest bits of soldering I've ever done, and is all covered up in heat shrink :o)

I found that the instrument lighting LED wasn't working, and found that it had pretty much fallen out - I've added a few blobs of solder to stop that from happening again.

In the evening we watched the new Underworld movie.  It's always nice to see Kate Beckinsale trying to out do Carrie-Anne Moss :o)

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