Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 27th

Valerie and Christina headed home, and we went over to the airfield, where I cut all the zip ties out of the wiring running down the length of the plane and tidied everything up.  I then ran the new wires back to the fuel tank and tidied them into the cable management, then zip tied everything together again.  I drilled a hole in the tank and got the fuel level probe installed and wired, then wired that and the outside air temperature probe into the EIS.  It looks like everything works, but the rev counter is even less accurate than it was with the old Key West regulator.  I need to drain the tank to get the fuel level probe all set up (you have to tell it what's empty and what's full), but other than that it's pretty much done for the moment.  We took the plane out for a circuit, but it was bumpy as hell, so we just did one longish circuit before heading home to feed Tilly.

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