Friday, June 15, 2012

June 14th

Vic and Jen went to spend the day in San Francisco, so at lunch I nipped over to a local parts place and picked up a new capacitor for the down air conditioner.  I plugged it all in and... nothing, so I gave up and called a repair place.  They'd had a cancellation, so arrived this afternoon.  We looked at the air conditioner, but that wasn't getting power.  I'd already tried the breakers, but he took the cover off the circuit breaker panel, and one of the bloody wires wasn't plugged in.  We have no idea how that happened, as there's no sign it's been arcing or anything.  All plugged in, and it works again.  I managed to decline the $150 a year maintenance contract, but it does look like this 17 year old system is going to need replacing sooner rather than later.  Joy.

Tilly and I relaxed for the evening, and waited for Vic to get home - the traffic was appalling (a baseball game and a fire on the BART...), so we ended up going to bed before she got home.

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