Monday, June 11, 2012

June 9th

It was a bit too blowy to fly (>20mph), so we went and looked at cell phones - I'm thinking we'll convert the house phone to a cell, as MetroPCS currently have a deal where unlimited talk and text is roughly the same price as we're playing for the landline.  We'd looked previously at the little local dealer, and they only had one of the four phones that qualify, so we went to the corporate store to look at all the phones.  Vic decided that she wanted the phone that they have in the little local store after all, and we were ready to get it at the corporate store.  When we were told that you can only port your current number to the cell phone when you bought it, and that the port could take 7 days, but if you don't like the phone (i.e. it doesn't work in the house) you have 7 days to take it back, and then you port your phone number back to the phone you've just cancelled.  Basically, if the phone doesn't work in your house, kiss your number goodbye.  We declined to do that, and went to the little local store, where they told us the corporate drones were full of shit and that you can port the number after you've bought the phone.  So we bought the phone.  And it does work in the house after all.

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