Thursday, August 10, 2017

August 9th

I spoke to Dilly at the FAA, and he's working on my new operating limitations.  Hopefully he can get those out today, ans I might even get to fly with the new engine this weekend :o)

The steering on the mountain bike has been getting a little stiff, so I figured it's time to check the bearings.  I got them out without too much aggravation, and found what looks like a flake of paint in the bottom one.  They don't feel great, even after a cleaning, but I was trying to get everything back together, and even with Vic's help, it wasn't having it.  While taking it apart again, one of the sealed bearings came apart and dumped the balls all over the floor.  I've found most of them, but it looks like I'll have to get new bearings before I can go riding again :o(

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