Monday, August 14, 2017

August 13th

We went out to get supplies (supplies!) and picked up a beach ball for Tilly - she really likes playing with them, and this one lasted almost 3 minutes.

We then got ourselves sorted out and replaced the leaking sprinkler valves in the back garden.  You're supposed to go valve to threaded connector, glued on to the pipes coming out of the ground.  That was looking problematic due to how close to the ground the pipes are (because of the patio), so we cut the old sprinklers off, installed a threaded to pipe fitting to the threaded adapters coming out of the ground, and then a short piece of pipe before the next threaded adapter into the valve.  This means there's about 1/2" of pipe you can cut to remove the valve, and then you just unscrew the threaded adapter and replace that bit.  There's an extra adapter there, true, but the pipe doesn't get shorter every time you do something with the valve.

I had intended to go flying in the evening, but the wind was gusty (it's cooling down in the next few days), so I decided to try and get out in the week.

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