Saturday, August 12, 2017

August 11th

I figured the best way to make sure I wouldn't get the operating limitations today would be to pick up the bicycle, so I could go to the airport this evening.  As a lunch, I went and picked up the bicycle, and it's all sorted out.  I didn't get the operating limitations today.

In the evening, I installed a new chain on the bicycle.  I've read stuff that says you should be changing it every 1,000 miles or so, and thought "whatever", but was surprised at how much the old chain has stretched compared to a new chain.  You have to break the new chain to the right length, so I now have a new tool.

Later on, I got the new router working - the stunted software on the Arris 6580 router / modem makes that a lot more difficult than it needs to be, so I've kept that covering the older 2.4GHz devices.  5Ghz devices are now running a lot faster  - I'm seeing over 100Mbs to the interwebs.

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