Saturday, June 23, 2018

June 23rd

It was forecast to be a hot, windy day, so we went out to the airport pretty early to look at the brake leak on the Magni.  I thought the O rings were damaged, but Vic pointed out the brake fluid at the top of the brake caliper, which suggests that the problem was the fitting.  I tightened that all up.  We also swapped two of the brake cables out, to (hopefully) make my brake lever work more.

As it was starting to get hot, we went home to take advantage of Blizzard's free World of Warcraft weekend.

I waited for it to start cooling down (i.e. just below 100F) and went out and put the door back together in the Vanagon.  Then took it apart again to plug in the central locking wires that were getting caught and disconnected.  Twice.  Still, it's all done now :o)

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