Sunday, June 3, 2018

June 2nd

I went to the airport pretty early, and Ken and I did a couple of hours in the gyroplane before stopping for breakfast at the EAA hangar - it was nice not to have to cook for everybody else, but we still got to cook our own breakfasts :o)

I stood about and chatted with people while Ken did the annual inspection on Steve's powered parachute, then we went and had a light lunch with Dick and Todd.  Ken had to do a weight and balance on Fred's plane, then we tinkered for a while with a wiring fault on Ken's plane - that all got tracked down.  Tony was having a barbecue, so we went over there for a while, then went back to the airport and took the gyro out again - flying over Tony's, then going to the North to take a picture of the amphitheatre for George, who was there for a concert.  We got back shortly before it got dark, and put the gyro away.  The brakes are dragging a bit, so that's something we need to look at, but I only have 45 minutes of dual before I can finally solo the thing.

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