Sunday, June 3, 2018

June 3rd

I went to the airport fairly early, and went out in the gyroplane with Ken again.  He'd played with the brakes, but they need new O rings to stop them dragging for good.  We did an hour of full stop circuits, so I could practice the pre-rotation thing as I pull on to the runway.  I dropped Ken off, he filled in my log book, and then I took the gyro out by myself.  We'd discussed it, and Ken suggested taking off and leaving the circuit, so I could space everything out, I flew over to the house and back, and was up for 35 minutes.  Nothing was too crazy, but the brakes are dragging badly again, so I think I want to get that in hand before I fly again, as Ken's pointed out that one of the tyres is flat spotted where it couldn't spin up fast enough.  We went to lunch, then I went home for a rest.

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