Monday, September 14, 2020

September 13th

Having done nothing all day yesterday because of the smoke, I'd hoped to be able to fly today.  No such luck... the visibility was possibly even worse than yesterday.

Chris and Randy had suggested we meet for brunch, so I picked Randy up and we met Chris over in Folsom.  On the way back we decided to go to the airport, as Chris had fallen off Randy's electric skateboard and broken one of the control cables.  Chris thought we could solder it back together, but I suggested just buying a new cable.  Well, with the new cable, it doesn't work, so I suggested we test the new cable to make sure there wasn't a short or something inside it.  I thought I had a multimeter at the airport, but I didn't, so we grabbed the cable and took it home and tested it.  All the wires are connected to something at the other end, which suggests the controller board has failed - there's pretty much nothing else it can be, as the battery is holding voltage.

Vic had taken Tilly to the dog park again, and this time they come home when Tilly was rolled off her feet by a German Shepherd puppy.  She's not as sore as last weekend, but she's still a little stiff.

Randy texted me later in the day to say he'd found the testing procedure for the controller board, and it seemed simple enough.  Even later, he went out and tested the board and it looks like that's dead.  He's not sure, but he thinks it might still be under warranty, which'll save Chris another headache.

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