Sunday, November 7, 2021

November 6th

I went to the airport early to catch the sunrise on the GoPro, then went to the EAA meeting.  The speaker, Paul Dye, is an ex-NASA administrator, and we'd been hoping he was going to fly in in his SubSonex, but the weather forecast made getting home again look doubtful.

Randy wanted to go out and fly, but it started raining, screwing up that plan.

We did a tiny amount of work on Shane's panel, basically we need to figure out the wiring for the new warning lights, and then I went home and changed the rollers on the big garage door. It wasn't horrifically difficult, so I'll get the motorcycles out at some point and do that door too.

I bashed up the timelapse from the morning's flight, and put it on YouTub:

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