Friday, June 5, 2020

June 5th

Tilly's still not thrown up, even though she's back on kibble, so I'm thinking she's healed :o)  My arm and ribs are still sore - I'm hoping I haven't cracked a rib.  Again.

I took the afternoon off so I could take our new fridge to the hangar and get that unpacked and plugged in - we'll now have soda and ice cream bars :o)  After that, I taxied the plane to the gazebo where we talked about the plan for the fly-over for Amy's graduation.  We had 8 planes, including me and Randy in the gyros, and I thought we had a reasonable plan - Randy and I, being the slowest, would leave first, then tag along behind John in his Citabria.  Well, we flew further South than I'd thought, waiting for them to catch up with us, and then Jim in his 175 and Jay in his Waiex were behind John - I saw Jim, but Jay flew under me - I'm not convinced he saw me at all :o)  Anyway, we flew over Amy's, she said "thanks" on the radio, and we went back to Lincoln.

Back at Lincoln, there was a guy waiting to get out in a Cessna somethingorother.  I said he could get out in front of me, as I'd extended my downwind to let John land, and the Cessna said he was happy to wait.  I told him we were on a 1.5 mile final with a groundspeed of ~38mph (>20mph wind at this point), so he gave up waiting and took off first.  I flew to midfield before landing, so I could pull off and let the rotor spin down, and Randy could land and get off at the first exit and let his rotor spin down too.

Randy mentioned that he was now at the point where he could do his oil change, so we did his oil change - struggling because he'd overtightened his oil filter when installing it.  It's until the gasket touches, then 3/4 of a turn, not "as tight as you can get it".  Anyway, it's all done now.

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