Wednesday, June 30, 2021

June 29th

I started my day taking the car to the dealer for a software update.  They said 4 hours, and I figured they'd be done a lot quicker than that, as, hey, it's a software update.  So I wandered over to the Roseville Honda motorcycle dealer, hoping to see a 2022 Grom - their web site says they have some in stock, but that's not the case :o(

I was wandering over towards Wendy's to get a drink or something when Randy called to say he was trying to figure out some stuff on his air conditioner.  When he said it wouldn't start a while back, I suggested the start capacitor, or maybe the motor.  He's changed the capacitor, and it's still having problems, so he bought a new motor and was trying to figure out the wiring.  I said I was free if he wanted to come and get me, so he did.  We had to go through the drive-through at Wendy's as there's still no inside service :o(

We got his AC fixed and running, then took a quick look at his breaker panels - we'd been intending to run in a 60A socket for a car charger for a while.  I'd ass-u-me'd that the power went from the outdoor breaker panel sideways to the panel in the garage that's right next to it, but obviously it actually runs up, which means passing a wire between the two would be tricky.  We agreed to try a 40A socket off the inside panel, and he dropped me back at the car dealer while he went to a retirement lunch.

I sat and played with my phone for a while, and when they called me, I assumed the car was finished.  It seems they needed a battery for the device that does the upgrade, but it should be done by the end of the day.  I said I was in the lobby already (as the car was pretty much due to be finished,) so how about I come and get it and we can try again later in the week.  After a brief pause, it was agreed that it would be done in about an hour, and it was.

I took the car home and got the van, then went over to Randy's to pick him up.  He was replacing the heater / AC fan in the car he's about to sell, so we got that done, then went and bought the stuff we needed for his car charger and picked up another toilet so I can replace the one in the master bathroom with the same one that's in the guest bathroom.  We also bought gas, lots of gas, and dropped it at the airport.

Back at Randy's we found that the only 40A breaker that Home Depot had was the wrong one, but we'd turned off the power by then, so we pressed on and got everything ready for the breaker.  We went and got a refund for the wrong breaker, and had to go to Lowes for the right breaker.  That got wired in, installed, and as of the time of writing, his house hasn't burned down yet.  Of course, the charger won't be here until the end of the week.

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