Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 15th

Tilly had her annual inspection, which she passed with flying colours.  We'll wait for the heartworm test results, but she takes the tablet every month, so I'm sure she's fine.

I played a fair amount of Warcraft, as it was raining or threatening to rain all day.  I did change the hook-ups for the van to the new ones that GoWesty has started making.  Basically the old ones are a pain, and the new ones are better made.  Rather than having to try and screw a hose onto the city water connection (I tried once, and gave up as I could never stop water running all down the side of the van), it uses a standard quick release plug - it's the same for the internal tank filler, rather than just a tube.  Why hasn't anybody thought of this before?  I also replaced the electric hookup, to make the set complete, but I didn't realise how crappy and loose the old one was inside.  Yay.

In the evening we watched Idiocracy - it's been a while since we've seen it.

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