Monday, December 31, 2012

December 30th

After playing Warcraft while the weather outside warmed up a little, I went out and took the (vacuum controlled) cruise control off the Vanagon.  It's never been able to work at freeway speeds, and I think there's just not enough vacuum being generated, or maybe not enough cable movement in the control box.  I've ordered an electric one to play with, so for the moment all the wiring etc is staying in place.  Worst case, I wire it up in the front to pull the pedal down, as this is what the GoWesty kit does.  The GoWesty kit looks to be the same Rostra kit that I've ordered, but I have a VSS and the control switch already.

We went out so Vic could return some boots she doesn't like, and I picked up a tool box - I'm tired of not being able to find stuff / get it out of the rack I have at the moment.  I took the wall unit down, and put the box in its place - the lid has to be open, meaning it takes up a bit  more space than I'd thought it was going to, but it's now holding tools.  Fewer tools than I'd expected, but that's because I haven't just piled them in - hopefully I'll be able to easily find them, too.

In the evening, we watched the new "Total Recall" - it's not bad, and of course they have their transit system going through Earth's core rather than the whole outlandish space ship to Mars thing.

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