Monday, December 3, 2012

December 1st

It's been an absolutely grim day, with lots of rain causing some of the gutters to overflow.  I got out to clear them in what I thought was a quiet period, but standing on a ladder is obviously tempting the rain gods.  Still, I got the gutters cleared, but the downspouts couldn't cope with the flow, so they were still overflowing.

The garden flooded down the side of the house, like it usually does when we get a lot of rain, but this time the water cleared after it stopped, so the drain we dug this year has obviously helped :o)

There was a lot of time spent playing Warcraft, where I got my hunter to level 86, and I looked at the van again before the worst of the rain showed up - I've noticed that I have 13v at the brake light switches, and 10v at the back of the van, and that drops to 0v when a load is applied.  It's looking more and more like a wiring issue.  The stock wiring isn't that thick, so I'll probably end up running a new wire from the front to the rear of the van.  Joy.

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