Monday, May 31, 2021

May 30th

I did not sleep well, what with being in a tent, listening to Randy snoring and the 05:45 fly-pasts.  We packed everything up, then did a really thorough pre-flight, where I found a broken zip tie.  I went and grabbed a couple of ties from a guy in an open hangar at the end of the runway, and everything was fine.  I've now put a couple of zip ties in one of the pockets of the plane so this hopefully won't ever happen again.

After chatting with some guys, Chris took one of them up for a quick flight, then we threw his stuff back in his plane and headed out.  Tony had told us that the restaurant at Auburn is closed for a week, so we flew back to Lincoln and went to a restaurant on the main drag - the Spitfire Grill wasn't open yet.  After breakfast, we all headed our separate ways.

When I got home, Vic pointed out a tile hanging off the roof, so we got up there and took a look at it.  It came off easily enough, as the wood it was nailed to was rotten.  I've replaced one of these bits before, but I might get somebody to come out and take a look at the whole thing and quote me to fix anything that they can show me that needs doing, as I'm not a fan of working from the top of a ladder.

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